This week Brad and Corey do some major housekeeping and give updates on games they’ve played and mentioned on the show over the last few months. Strap in because ELEVEN games (and then some!) are up for discussion. After games chat, they discuss Corey’s photography ramping up into a business, Brad’s uncomfortable experience at a massage parlor, Black Lightning and more.

Housekeeping: 5:34
The Room: Old Sins: 8:33
Star Wars: Battlefront II: 18:24
Demon’s Souls: 23:17
The Fall Part 2: Unbound: 27:55
Resident Evil VII DLC: 30:18
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice: 36:35
Monster Hunter: World: 44:09
Darkest Dungeon: 55:50
Membrane: 59:55
Okami HD: 1:09:40
Way of the Passive Fist: 1:24:20
Closing: 1:36:39
Banter: 1:38:30

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