CONTENT WARNING: From 29:29 to 44:55 Corey discusses the first nude photography shoot he’s done. This section contains some sensitive sexual content. Be warned.

After taking a busy holiday week off, Brad and Corey are back with a banter-filled episode. They discuss their Christmases, Corey doing his first mature portrait session, Star Wars, The Shape of Water, The Punisher, show stats from the past two years and more.

Intro Housekeeping: 5:17
Corey’s Christmas: 9:00
Brad’s Christmas: 20:02
Corey’s Photo Shoot: 29:29
Star Wars (no spoilers): 44:55
The Shape of Water: 55:43
The Punisher: 1:01:52
Show Stats: 1:17:20
Closing: 1:30:16

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