Brad and Corey talk about Hair Nah, Brave Hand, Prey, Far From Noise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Warframe this week. They also discuss upcoming holiday plans, twists on familiar recipes and potential changes to the recording schedule.

Hair Nah: 3:35
Brave Hand: 19:00
Prey: 26:35
Far From Noise: 39:27
Modern Warfare Remastered: 49:45
Warframe: 1:04:24
Closing: 1:07:45
Banter: 1:11:00

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Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway has been playing games since arcades were a thing and Atari was the new hotness. He's been at GameCritics since 2000. Currently, he's juggling editing duties, being a homeschooling dad, a devoted husband, and he does try to play a game once in a while.

Brad still loves Transformers, he's on Marvel Puzzle Quest when nobody's looking, and his favorite game of all time is a toss-up between the first Mass Effect and The Witcher 3. You can catch his written work here at GameCritics and you can hear him weekly on the @SoVideogames Podcast. Follow Brad on Twitter and Instagram at @BradGallaway, or contact him via email:

bradgallaway a t gmail dot com
Brad Gallaway

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