SPOILER WARNING: We discuss minor and major spoilers for RiME in our show this week. We give an audio spoiler warning at the start of our discussion and we give a second one before we start discussing the ending. Please avoid this area at all costs if you don’t want to be spoiled on Tequila Works’ game RiME. We begin discussing the game at 37:00 and we start talking about the ending at 49:15. We finish the discussion at 59:25 if you want to fast-forward through it.

For episode 47, Brad and Corey discuss PAX (which Brad covered firsthand), RiME, Absolver, Last Day of June and ReCore: Definitive Edition.

Brad also discusses almost being trapped in a house with a squatter and Corey gives a play-by-play of his cat video going viral on Twitter.

Brief PAX Banter: 5:40
Banter: 12:15
RiME: 37:00 (RiME endgame spoilers at 49:15)
Absolver: 59:25
Last Day of June: 1:15:00
ReCore: Definitive Edition: 1:28:50
PAX in-depth discussion: 1:46:20
Closing: 2:05:08

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