WARNING: We have a few spoilery and sensitive discussions in this show. 

This week Brad and Corey are back with an abundance of game and movie chat. Corey talks about his early first impressions of Adrift, Brad shallow dives (is that a thing?) on Wheels of Aurelia, and then Brad and Corey have a lengthy and spoiler-filled chat about The Tearoom. After that they do some quick hits on Nioh, Cryptark and Perception.

They also take some listener questions, talk about the films Spider-Man: Homecoming, Lucy, I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, and how they drink their coffee.

From 1:02:37 to 1:28:50 Brad and Corey discuss The Tearoom in its entirety. This game contains an abundance of sexual themes, particularly related to gay male sex, and our discussion reflects that. We also talk about its ending.

We also discuss Perception, including its ending, from 1:32:40 to 1:42:46

Housekeeping: 7:50
Banter: 13:20
Adrift: 46:19
Wheels of Aurelia: 53:45
The Tearoom: 1:02:37
Nioh: 1:29:05
Cryptark: 1:31:29
Perception: 1:32:40
Listener Questions: 1:42:46
Closing: 2:03:40

Please send feedback and mailbag questions to SoVideogames (at) gmail (dot) com.

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5 years ago

Good show guys! I was actually driving from the Netherlands to Germany with the kids sound asleep in the back in the evening and loved the dickshow! Thanks for your answers! Love your show!