Full Disclosure: Brad and Corey tried a new chat program this week for recording, so the audio levels are a little unstable. We apologize in advance if you have to fiddle with your volume. We’ll do better next time.

This week we discuss a gamut of titles and have a special guest on for a deep-dive discussion. Not only do we chat about games, but one game (The Game: The Game, in fact) transcends our usual chat and examines what it’s like to be a woman in American society — specifically about being preyed upon by pick-up artists and how to prepare for daily life in the patriarchy.

We also forgo banter for a short Q&A segment at the end of the show.

Creature in the Well Preview: 00:05:38
Plunge: 00:15:05
Devil May Cry V: 00:24:00
Forager: 00:43:00
The Game: The Game: 00:58:34
Q&A: 01:49:49
Closing: 02:06:43

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