Brad and Corey are back with a vengeance this week, bringing six games (plus some extras) and plenty of banter.

Corey might or might not be playing Prey again and Brad has some contractually-obligated games to chat about, too.

Beyond that, Corey gives a final update on his car flooding saga, Brad’s been watching plenty of horror movies, Corey witnessed genuine Spider-Man trauma and Brad is diving headfirst into… farming?

39 Days to Mars: 00:03:08
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 00:12:12
DOOM 3 (Switch): 00:19:19
World War Z: 00:33:34
Hitman: Siberia Sniper DLC: 00:45:26
Fission Superstar X: 00:53:20
Closing: 01:02:40
Banter: 01:04:55

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