SPOILER ALERT: Corey talks in-depth about System Shock 2 in this episode and might include some spoilers to those who haven’t played it. We give two warnings on the show and discuss it from 00:41:45 – 00:59:55. Please avoid this section if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Otherwise, Brad and Corey are back and are keeping part of their slogan alive by discussing mostly old games this week. They also have a mini-Q&A before signing off for banter. Corey gives updates on his flooded car situation, Brad eats Japanese potatoes and we both discuss jackfruit and vegetarianism.

Etherborn 00:02:51
Watch Dogs: 00:16:52
The World Next Door: 00:30:20
System Shock 2 SPOILERS: 00:41:45 – 00:59:55
Housekeeping and Q&A: 01:00:08
Closing: 01:20:29
Banter: 01:23:00

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