SPOILER ALERT: At the very end of the show (for our last banter topic) Corey and Brad spoil the hell out of Spider-Man: Far From Home. We give two spoiler warnings on the show. Please avoid the segment if you don’t want to be spoiled — the discussion starts at 02:04:07.


Brad and Corey are back to discuss games — it’s business as usual this week. Corey brings VR back to the show while Brad provides some updates on recently-mentioned titles while dabbling in some newness, too. They also discuss the comedy of errors that Corey faced leading up to recording, what TV Brad has been watching, and have a thorough discussion about Spider-Man: Far From Home — it’s a rare segment that longtime listeners won’t want to miss because Brad and Corey actually disagree!

Spiderman: Far From Home VR: 00:02:30
Gun Club VR: 00:10:35
Witcher Tales: 00:18:33
Slay the Spire: 00:20:42
SolSeraph: 00:26:19
System Shock 2: 00:35:12
Sea of Solitude: 00:51:12
Dragon Quest Builders 2: 01:09:37
Closing: 01:23:48
Banter: 01:25:20
Spider-Man: Far From Home Spoiler Discussion: 02:04:07

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