SPOILER ALERT: Brad and Corey discuss all aspects of Hitman 2’s new DLC Bank level (The Golden Handshake) in this episode, including the ins and outs of the stage and how they both completed it. If you don’t want to be spoiled on the level, please avoid 00:43:22 – 01:06:50.


Brad brings a game preview and one title he expects to be playing the rest of the year while Corey has some silly side-scrolling shooting on his hands before they both deep dive on Hitman’s new DLC. They also discuss Corey’s vacation to San Francisco, Brad going to Pride in Seattle, Luc Besson’s new movie Anna and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Scavengers (Preview): 00:03:45
My Friend Pedro: 00:18:36
Graveyard Keeper: 00:29:29
Hitman 2 DLC (SPOILERS): 00:43:22
Banter: 01:08:50

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