Despite a handful of wonky audio issues during recording, Brad and Corey are back in the groove with a normal games-first, banter-last format show.

Brad has been testing the waters of Xbox’s Game Pass and Corey’s spending some time in open-world Oregon with zombies, among other things.

Brad also chats about scary movies he’s watched with his son and Microsoft’s tasty catered food while Corey gives updates on his business trip from a few weeks ago and his upcoming trip to San Francisco.

Housekeeping: 00:03:35
Hitman 2’s New Mission: 00:05:13
Resident Evil 4 (Switch): 00:10:32
Xbox Game Pass: 00:29:22
Void Bastards: 00:33:14
Outer Wilds: 00:35:28
Westerado: Double Barreled 00:39:21
Operencia: The Stolen Sun: 00:42:17
Clustertruck: 00:43:58
Days Gone: 00:46:39
Observation: 01:01:34
The Sinking City: 01:07:13
Closing: 01:14:50
Banter: 01:17:00

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