Brad and Corey have a jam-packed show with NINE games on the docket to discuss — some good, some bad.

Beyond that, they chat about disaster preparedness, Corey starting his YouTube career, DC’s new streaming service, anime and more.

Hong Kong Massacre: 00:06:28
VA-11 HALL-A 00:12:37
Picross: 00:18:00
HOOK: 00:20:09
Omen of Sorrow: 00:25:14
Layers of Fear 2: 00:33:27
Thronebreaker: 01:00:00
Back in 1995: 01:12:58
Nioh 2 Alpha: 01:31:20
Q&A News: 00:41:14
Closing: 01:45:09
Banter: 01:48:10

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