SPOILER ALERT: In this episode Corey talks about Far Cry: New Dawn and spoils some story elements of the game. We give a long audio spoiler warning on the show, but if you don’t want some of New Dawn spoiled for you, please do not listen to the segment running from 00:33:04 – 00:58:39.

Otherwise, Brad and Corey are back to being each other’s 50 percent of the show for a regular dose of games chat and banter this week. They’ve got two titles apiece, then some banter including Corey talking about garbage disposals, Brad catching us up on TV shows, complimenting your idols on Twitter and much more.

Housekeeping: 00:01:00
Castle of Heart: 00:10:44
Overcooked: 00:21:25
Far Cry: New Dawn SPOILERS: 00:33:04 – 00:58:39
A Plague Tale: Innocence: 00:58:39
Closing: 01:22:16
Banter: 01:24:10

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