Episode 131 is a 3-hour extravaganza packed with plenty of games and banter, but also a rarity for Brad and Corey — an interview!

Author Doug Walsh chats about his new book “The Walkthrough: Insider Tales from a Life in Strategy Guides“. Doug has been a prolific strategy guide writer for decades, and he shares anecdotes about his life, how he got into the industry and some reflections on it during this episode.

Brad and Corey also discuss all the latest games they’ve been playing, Brad talks about recent movies he’s seen, and his son’s fascination with cassette tapes. Corey talks about his recent trip to Houston for ComicPalooza and lets loose a truly epic rant about a makeup line aimed at men.

Doug Walsh Interview: 00:03:56
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: 00:50:10
Photographs: 01:00:26
39 Days to Mars: 01:10:05
Crimson Keep: 01:15:10
The Division 2: 01:19:03
Dark Quest 2: 01:32:25
Closing: 01:42:41
Banter: 01:47:08

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