Brad and Corey really live up to the show’s “new stuff, old stuff and anything in between” motto this week. Corey spent his three-day weekend dabbling in some old games for short bursts, they give an update on The Division 2, and Brad holds down the “new stuff” promise with an… elevator operator zombie sim? They also discuss Netflix’s The Silence, robot arms, Star Trek: Discovery, 3D printers and more.

The Division 2: 00:07:13
Left Alive: 00:29:59
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: 00:38:46
Ninja Gaiden 2: 00:46:04
Resident Evil 7: 00:53:59
Undead’s Building: 00:59:42
Closing: 01:05:11
Banter: 01:08:35

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Jez (from UK)
Jez (from UK)
4 years ago

Thanks guys for the show. Keep up the good work.
I don’t want a free game thanks. I don’t have instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat, hangouts, so the only time I tell people about your show is using my mouth. How weird and out of date is that!