SPOILER ALERT: Brad and Corey discuss Far: Lone Sails inside and out for the last segment of the show. They give two spoiler warnings. The spoiler section starts at 00:55:47 and ends at 01:34:11. Please avoid this section if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Otherwise, Brad and Corey are back on track and they stumble through some housekeeping before talking a mighty handful of games and spoiling the heck out of Far: Lone Sails. They also talk about a TV show about botched plastic surgery, a PSA to back up your computer files, breakfast cereal recipes and much more.

ALSO, we’re giving three games away! Listen in for more details… 

Singularity 5 Soundtrack: 00:03:10
RE2 DLC: 00:09:23
Game Giveaway: 00:20:20
Detention Demo: 00:25:16
Neon Caves: 00:35:41
Assault Android Cactus: 00:39:50
Overwhelm: 00:44:24
Safety First: 00:52:03
SPOILER SECTION Far: Lone Sails: 00:55:47 – 01:34:11
Closing: 01:34:11
Banter: 01:36:05

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