Brad and Corey are back with good news this week — Brad is head over heels for every game he played! Can you believe it!? That aside, a regular dose of titles is on the table, and even if you’re not someone who doesn’t usually listen to the banter, we feel like this week’s is worth it — this episode’s banter section is uncharacteristically filled with games and a chat about social media backlash on one of Brad’s recent articles.

Far: Lone Sails: 00:05:09
Fear Effect: Sedna: 00:17:36
Mechstermination Force: 00:35:40
Spider-Man DLC: 00:48:00
Banter: 01:06:40

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Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway

Brad Gallaway has been gaming since the days when arcades were everywhere and the Atari 2600 was cutting edge. So, like... A while.

Currently, he's got about 42 minutes a night to play because adulting is a timesuck, but despite that, he's a happily married guy with two kids who both have better K/D ratios than he does.

Brad still loves Transformers, he's on Marvel Puzzle Quest when nobody at the office is looking, and his favorite game of all time is the first Mass Effect -- and he thought the trilogy's ending was Just Fine, Thanks.

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Brad Gallaway

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