Brad and Corey are back with some quick games discussion this week, but with a tiny twist — they’ve both played 3 out of 5 games up for discussion! Brad finally has some RE2 under his belt (this is NOT a spoiler section), they both tested Respawn’s Apex Legends and even played The Division 2’s Private Beta in Co-op together. On top of games chat, Corey complains about work, Brad is proud of his son for setting and achieving goals in games, Corey shares his work attribute strengths report and Brad gives the latest update on Seattle still being buried under several feet of snow.

Resident Evil 2 : 00:02:08
Apex Legends: 00:21:04
The Division 2 Beta: 00:31:25
Monster Hunter World/Witcher 3: 00:43:52
Astroneer: 00:50:40
Closing: 00:58:05

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