Brad and Corey reel it in for a slightly shorter show than usual for Episode 116. On top of the usual games chat, they cover their 2018 year-in-review stats for PS4, Corey talks about his recent parkour trip to Atlanta, Brad talks about TV shows, his work-life balance (or lack thereof) and Corey shares work shenanigans.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate: 00:01:15
James Bond 007: Bloodstone: 00:02:04
Resident Evil 2 Remake: 00:03:14
Kuso: 00:27:51
Anthem Beta: 00:37:36
Tangledeep: 00:55:58
PS4 year-in-review: 01:03:55
Closing: 01:18:51
Banter: 01:21:00

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Brad Gallaway
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