Brad and Corey are up to their usual MO this week: They play a handful of games — some good, some — ok, most — are not. They also take another stab at Anthem on the recent second-weekend demo. Corey also discusses spending too much money bidding on movie props, Brad watches bad action movies and they discuss the Emily Blunt Time Travel Cinematic Universe.

Housekeeping: 00:01:44
ENYO: 00:09:23
Salary Man Escape: 00:17:44
Paranautical Activity: 00:25:25
Death Mark: 00:37:00
Riot: Civil Unrest: 00:41:00
Anthem Demo: 00:46:51
Closing: 01:12:37
Banter: 01:16:25

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Brad Gallaway
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