Corey talks about The Assembly and goes into the story twists and the ending during this show. He begins discussing the game in general at 01:22:06 and later moves onto a spoiler section from 01:34:34 to 01:45:58. He gives audio warnings before both sections. Please avoid this second segment if you don’t want to be spoiled on The Assembly.


Brad and Corey are back to pack this episode FULL of videogames. Brad talks about eight games he’s been dabbling with lately, and Corey discusses a couple of his own. They also talk about Corey’s weekend plans that went wrong, TV and movie updates from Brad and a career change affecting Brad’s family.

Light Fingers: 02:40
The Council, Parts 3 & 4: 09:16
Owlboy: 19:05
The Way: 22:30
Pig Eat Ball: 35:00
Hover: 38:35
Guts & Glory: 44:38
Escape Goat 2: 51:25
Starlink: Battle for Atlas: 01:04:35
The Assembly: 01:22:06
Closing: 01:50:30
Banter: 01:55:20

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Jez (from UK)
Jez (from UK)
4 years ago

RE: Multiplayer party game. You reminded me of a silly story I wanted to share from pre-internet. 3 friends and I used to play Timesplitters 2 on PS2. We played in teams of 2 trying to kill the other 2. With 4 controllers on one 28 inch TV. Each player had their own quarter of the screen (the game split it up) But the problem with one TV was you could see yourself about to be sniped by one of your friends, so you could run away. So we solved this by putting a big piece of thin cardboard vertically… Read more »