In this episode, Corey & Brad discuss…

– Listener questions and comments

Prey (PS4 demo)

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Corey’s take)

Birthdays: the Beginning (preview)

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5 years ago

Thanks guys for reading out my message! As I’m from Chorley in UK, not only are my previous comments about liking the banter still valid, but as I mentioned a few podcasts before its also because your lives, culture and tone of voice is just different enough to be almost exotic. Corey living in New Orleans is one of my wife’s want to visit places (not trying to ply for an invite – just saying), so that’s always interesting. And Brad homeschooling is also a desire of my wife – which I’ve decided isn’t going to happen due to lack… Read more »

5 years ago

Hi guys! This is my first time listening to the podcast. It’s pretty good! I’ve been listening to podcasts for over ten years. Banter is best: instead of focusing on technical stuff, spend as much time as you can developing on-air chemistry. People do not listen to podcasts for information; they listen to them because they like the people who record them. People come to “So…Videogames” for the videogames, they stay for the banter. That said, I didn’t like it when Brad just outright dismissed the Prey demo. With all the thought and effort that went into Prey, I felt… Read more »