In this episode, Corey & Brad discuss…

Carmamel Macchiato at Baskin-Robbins

Mardi Gras Museums

– Drawn To Death

– APB: Reloaded

– Toukiden 2 (carryover demo)

– Honor And Duty

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Jay, gf & Kids
Jay, gf & Kids
6 years ago

As it turns out, Anrnold Schwarzenegger, as he is Austrian, sometimes does do his own voice. So, that was not accurate. Sorry!

Jay, gf & Kids
Jay, gf & Kids
6 years ago

Hello people, So…. Videogames podcast. As a regular listener and apreciater of and also of the new soVideogames Podcast I now have An Official Complaint. As you might know, or then now you know, I am from the Netherlands and I live in Germany. As you not may know, in the Netherlands the American Culture comes storming in our lives in original form. Meaning, Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds like Arnold Swarzenegger on tv, we dońt dub him, and no one for that matter. Same goes for every American show, doc, movie and so on. Since We import a gazillion procent… Read more »

Jez (short for Jeremy, not Jezebel!)
Jez (short for Jeremy, not Jezebel!)
6 years ago

Enjoyed the game kicking this week. Enjoyed hearing about Corey’s life in New Orleans, so exotic in comparison to Chorley in England, UK. How come Corey is not included in the About Us link on the website?