In this episode, Corey & Brad discuss…

– The Nintendo Switch press conference

Metroid Prime (wrapup)

Yakuza Zero

Gears of War 4

Let It Die & time management

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Brad Gallaway
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6 years ago

ho ho… where is that Christmas spirit Chi?

Richard Naik
6 years ago

I for one can’t wait to play Mario Kart 8, the Official 2014 Game of the Year, on a brand new platform.

Tim Spaeth
6 years ago
Reply to  Richard Naik

I haven’t listened to this podcast, but Richard, I’m so glad you brought up Mario Kart 8. It’s quite the rarity that we all, without exception, find ourselves on the same page. More eloquently, if all the GameCritics had a baby together in 2014, that baby would be Mario Kart 8. God bless our sweet, sweet baby.

Chi Kong Lui
6 years ago

I get that neither Brad or Corey are Nintendo guys, but is it necessary to pile on falsehoods that Nintendo intentionally drives up demand of its consoles by withholding supply. First, to reject any monetary sale for valueless marketing hype is an incredibly risky strategy and uncharacteristic of a risk adverse Nintendo. Second, what Nintendo consoles are you basing this on? The Wii was a cultural phenomenon where everyone and their grandparents bought one so its understandable that they couldn’t keep up with demand. I lined up at local Target in the morning (not overnight) on launch day and was… Read more »