Recently, GameCritics was sent a package containing two items for review: the Fixture S1 Switch Pro Controller Clip and the Fixture S1 Carrying Case. The Clip is a plastic frame that fits onto the Switch Pro Controller to support the screen for handheld play, and the carrying case holds the Switch/Clip unit when assembled, with extra room for a few small accessories.

First, the Clip.

The Fixture S1 Switch Pro Controller Clip is made of a rugged plastic and is molded to ‘click’ onto a Pro Controller for the purpose of giving the central Switch unit a place to sit for handheld play. I’m guessing most Switch players might agree that playing with the JoyCons attached on either side of the screen are functional enough, but the ergonomics and accuracy of the joysticks leave something to be desired, and the Controller Clip aims to solve that.

It’s a solid idea. The Pro Controller is a great unit that I try to use as often as possible – it feels good in the hands and offers a greater degree of precision and control than the sticks on a JoyCon. However, this particular solution sort of creates a new issue while solving the old one.

First, the weight of it. The Pro isn’t a heavy controller, but with the Switch placed on it (plus the weight of the Clip itself) the whole combination becomes fairly weighty and the center of gravity (depending on how the Clip arm is positioned) feels like it puts excess strain on my wrist in a place that doesn’t usually feel it. It grew fairly uncomfortable after a while – moreso than just having the JoyCons attached – and I needed to find some support for my arms during extended sessions. My guess is that some RSI issues or tendonitis might arise from extended use based on how it felt.

As for the Clip itself, it uses tension in the joints to hold it in position which is fine for now, but I do wonder how long it will be before the joints start to become too loose, especially if I’m adjusting it fairly often while folding it up to fit in the case and then extending it for play. Further, the Clip has a very tight fit on the Pro (there’s no clip, hinge or clamp – it just SNAPS! on) which is fine once or twice, but after just a few removals when I wanted to use the Pro at home, I noticed some scuffing and scratching on the controller.  

One other thing to note – the Clip promotes itself as a table stand for the Switch when it’s not attached to the Pro, but the base isn’t stable enough and is easily knocked over. I wouldn’t personally risk using it that way for fear that someone passing by would bump it and send the unit crashing down.

Now, the case.

The Fixture S1 Carrying Case is made to carry the Switch Pro Controller with the Clip and the actual Switch attached as one single unit. The lower interior has a molded base that holds a Pro snugly, and the Clip arm can be folded down to allow the Switch to lay flat on top. A middle divider can then be lowered to help secure it all (it has small pockets to hold Switch games on the back of it) and the space above the divider is storage for a Switch plug or any other small accessories. It’s just a large pocket, though, so anything inside will rattle around, unsecured.

The shell of the case is fairly stiff (not hard plastic) and has a pleasant-feeling grippy fabric covering it. It feels well-made, although it’s about the size of a small lunchbox when zipped closed, so it’s a little bulkier than other Switch cases I’ve used in the past. Overall, it carries a good amount of stuff, I appreciate that the Clip doesn’t need to be removed from the Pro for storage inside the case, and it feels like a quality item.

I recently took these items on a trip and soon stopped using the Clip, but the case is a pretty ace product. The Pro Controller feels well-protected and secure even when not attached to the Clip, and as a bonus, the case can act as a stand for the Switch all by itself when it’s zipped up and on a flat surface. It’s much more stable than using the Clip for the same purpose.

(HORI Compact Playstand pictured with the Fixture Case above)


Overall, I think this two-piece package is a decent idea, but it falls short of being something that I would use regularly, mostly due to the combined weight of the Pro/Clip/Switch and how it stresses the hands with the new center of gravity.

On the other hand, the case is excellent and it’s now a regular part of my loadout when I pack for trips — I’d recommend it all on its own, even for people who don’t have the Clip.


The Fixture S1 Switch Pro Controller Clip – 7/10

Fixture S1 Carrying Case – 8/10

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