As a videogame editor, most of my free time (of course!) goes to videogames, but now that I’ve got a son old enough to actively participate and a wife who’s all about any kind of games, I’ve recently gotten back into boardgames as A Thing We Do.

It hasn’t taken long for me to rack up a small collection of titles, and I’m guessing that anyone who has more than one or two will encounter broken or crumpled edges as games get stacked on top of each other, crammed onto shelves or shoved into closets.  

Oh noes!

The PR reps at Fix Da Box reached out and sent a sample of their new product – each package is a set of four corner protectors that can hold ripped corners together or prevent partially-damaged corners from degrading even further.

Disclosure: the samples used to write this article were sent to free of charge for evaluation.

The material itself is a pleasantly sturdy-feeling polycarbonate and there are instructions included — a good thing, as it’s not immediately obvious how they attach. That said, it only took a moment to suss it out and give them a whirl.

The product comes in four sizes (although I don’t think any of them will fit Gloomhaven… heh) and each size is adjustable to fit a range of boxes within the S/M/L/XL categories.

The only difficulty I had was that every protector was slightly narrower on one side than the other so getting that part to slide onto the lid was a little tough, but once on the box, it’s rugged AF.

If you happen to have two games of the exact same size, the corner pieces fit atop one another snugly. Otherwise, these things are good to go for the long haul. I don’t know that I would buy a bunch of these preemptively for rando game boxes that were fine, but I would definitely get them for prestige boxes, or games that needed to be resuscitated.

Fix Da Box comes in four sizes and five colors (including clear) and go for about $10 a set. You can find more information at their site.

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