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October Total: 23. Much lower than last month, but it was also a much, much busier month for me in every avenue except games. An editing backlog, roof repairs, homeschooling… The list goes on and on. There’s only so much time and so much mental bandwidth, and since games are a pastime, sometimes they’re the thing that gets cut from a busy schedule!

1 – Marvel Puzzle Quest, Android

My one and only mobile jam. PLAYING DAILY.

2 – Fortnite, PS5

Playing a few times per week with the son, slowly working my way to unlocking Carnage at level 100. PLAYING A FEW TIMES PER WEEK.

3 – Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, PS5

No idea when or even if I’ll finish it again, but delivering a few packages per day while tooling around in vast, empty landscapes is exactly what my soul needs right now. PLAYING DAILY.

4 – 0 Degrees, Switch

This rando 2D platformer caught my eye, and it’s not been disappointing. Each level is a puzzle where you platform and use a limited number of ice blocks to make your way to the exit. Simple, but well-done. STILL PLAYING.

5 – Picross S3, Switch

When I need help falling asleep, this is MY JAM. STILL PLAYING.

6 – A Long Way Down, Switch

Not exactly sure what this was. Partly a deckbuilder for sure, but there was also an isometric overworld that was made up of blocks and gaps? Honestly, I didn’t even finish the tutorial. The text and graphics were too small for comfort, and the game didn’t properly explain HOW to play. I was stuck in a hallway five minutes after starting with no idea what to do or where to go, and I don’t have time for bullshit like this. It was THE TUTORIAL for god’s sake! How do you fuck that up? It would have only gotten worse from there. DELETED.

7 – Bob Help Them!, Switch

This is Busywork: The Game as you run around and collect resources and craft things while the whole experience runs on a timer that counts down. The hardest of hard passes here. DELETED.

8 – Pathway, Switch

An interesting turn-based strategy mixed with roguelike elements and character progression. It’s a little lacking in personality, but a pretty solid idea overall. DID NOT FINISH.

9 – Monster Harvest, Switch

The tedium hit me hard and fast, and I noped out almost immediately. DELETED.

10 – InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Card Game, Switch

No tutorial, no introduction to concept, no fucking idea what’s going on. DELETED.

11 – Death Coming, Switch

This indie asks players to trigger little deathtraps all over cute pixel worlds. A super neat idea, but they drag the first level out for far, far too long and it got boring before the first world ended. DELETED.

12 – Skeletal Avenger, XBX

A simple, isometric roguelike featuring a skeleton who can chuck his head for various effects. Super basic, but it does what it sets out to do. DID NOT FINISH.

13 – Bonito Days, Switch

Take a little flying fish dude and glide over levels while collecting points. It’s cute and chill, but maybe TOO chill. There’s no story, no progression, no challenges… just do your thing. I needed some goals to work towards. DELETED.

14 – Unpacking, XBX

I love the concept of this one. Super fresh and original! That said, the levels go on for too long and not being able to put things where I wanted to without any guidance as to where they should be or why was a bit irritating. Great idea, but I needed a little more to it. DID NOT FINISH.

15 – Tails of Iron, XBX

2D Mouse Souls! Good stuff if you’re in the mood for lots of combat. DID NOT FINISH.

16 – Beast Breaker, Switch

Shot a mouse into a monster-shaped puzzle like a pinball. I love the idea, but the levels dragged on for way, way, way too long and there’s too much to it in regards to different weapon sets, leveling up and such. if it was quicker and more arcadey, it’d be right in the pocket. DID NOT FINISH.

17 – Inspector Waffles, Switch

A point-and-click that isn’t as funny as it wants to be, while also offering puzzles that whiff of moon logic. DELETED.

18 – The Big Con, XBX

A fascinating, funny and clever indie that has the player turn to a life of crime and rob all sorts of people! It’s incredibly offbeat and unconventional. Charming stuff, though I honestly felt guilty while playing!! DID NOT FINISH.

19 – Skul: The Hero Slayer, XBX

a 2D action-roguelike that mobs the player too often and doesn’t offer enough progression or abilities to keep the runs feeling fresh. DELETED.

20 – Cards of the Dead, Switch

A very simple card game (not a deckbuilder) about managing resources and staying alive. It’s pretty tough, but a cool basic idea and good for very quick sessions. DID NOT FINISH.

21 – Moonglow Bay, XBX

I don’t like fishing in games and I don’t like cooking in games, and that’s basically all this one is! Cute, but not for me. DELETED.

22 – Iron Harvest 1920+, XBX

I’m terrible at RTS titles, so it’s a blessing that the Easy mode in this one is really easy! Aside from sucking at it, I love the WWI + steampunk mech aesthetic and the story is surprisingly good from the parts that I’ve seen so far. I’d kill for the ability to pause the action, but aside from my allergic reaction to this genre, I think this one is a real cracker! STILL PLAYING.

23 – Bloodshore, XBX

God bless Wales Interactive for bringing FMV back in such strong fashion. This one’s a battle royale full of streamers, has-beens and other various internet people starving for likes. The writing is funny in a good wink-wink self-aware sort of way and I can already see places where I want to reply and make different choices. Thumbs up! STILL PLAYING.

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1 year ago

Unpacking is worth it for the way it tells its story – the emotional impact of placing a photograph somewhere could only be told in the way they have the game setup right now. When the character moves in with her first boyfriend, I almost wanted to contact a few exes and apologise after finishing that level. Bloodshore is super fun – but, sadly, it doesn’t really hold up to multiple playthroughs and might be the weakest of Wales’s games in that regard. Iron Harvest is good! The controls are a little bit wonky and there are some advanced commands… Read more »