I finally put Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on DS to bed last night, so after this post I’ll stop complaining about it, I swear.

Out of all four Ace Attorney games, this one was by far the weakest. It didn't start getting interesting at all until former main character Phoenix Wright came back for a while in the fourth (and final) case, and that one was a confusing mess of quasi sci-fi with a lot of nonsense evidence-gathering in two different time periods, one in the present and one in the past.

Overall I found the characters in AJ:AA to be either dull or annoying (or both), and the cases were mostly absurd to the point that I couldn't become immersed or suspend my disbelief enough to ever get in the swing of things. By the time I was halfway through, I was clicking past the text as fast as I could and had given up trying to make sense of each case’s “logical” flow.

Capcom needs to remember that not every case has to be a four-part, multi-layered epic. Sometimes, it's fun just to unravel a standard murder without having too many outlandish tricks or ridiculous intuitive leaps. It's like the devs feel the need to keep pushing the envelope of reality with each game, and the formula really doesn’t need to be this complicated or overdone.

More tedious than anything, I'm hoping that the Attorney series doesn't end on this down-note.

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