According to the ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

Parents will want to avoid the game since it's likely to be too boring for the older kids and too difficult for the younger ones, and being released at a regular pricepoint makes it even less of a worthwhile purchase. Spend your money elsewhere on something more exciting—like an algebra book.

Gamers in general won't find much of anything here to find appealing or entertaining. Dragon Valor is an action game at its most basic level, and I can't see anyone but the greenest of newbies finding this to be any kind of fun.

Action fans and experienced gamers won't even want to give the title a second look since the gameplay is so slow as to be sleep-inducing, and the monotony involved with the brainless levels increases exponentially.

Namco fans expecting the solidly playable titles Namco is known for had better stay away since picking up this title for release in the states must be something of a gaffe for the usually dependable company.

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