According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents should be relatively safe, although please be aware that there are screams audible when Colonists die, and one cutscene shows a Colonist being swallowed by an alien. During gameplay there are some standard explosions, but in general theres nothing very graphic or offensive. No sexual content or questionable language.

Rogue Squadron fans will definitely want to check the game out. The Star Wars license is absent, but the mission structure, in-game chatter and basic feel closely mirror the games on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube in all the right ways. Defender also has excellent graphics and both Co-op and Deathmatch modes, to boot.

Senior citizen arcade junkies (like me) will get off on the old-school sound effects for the first ships blasters and the hilarious way the Colonists hang off of your craft just like they did in the arcade, only this time things are way more attractive than a few pixels on a black background. It still feels right underneath the eye candy, and that's what counts.

Hearing Impaired gamers get the old half-and-half treatment. There is text provided for the pre-mission briefs, but the audio cues during the missions are greatly condensed instead of being word-for-word translations. It doesnt significantly affect the gameplay, but it's pretty lame.

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