According to the ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Language, Violence

Parents will probably want to steer their kids clear of this game, primarily because the camera is wretched and the gameplay is horrible. There are no instances of sexual content, and the blood and gore is on a fairly cartoonish level. Personally, I could not recall any examples of "language" as mentioned on the back of the box, but I suppose I could have missed it since my blood pressure was so high from playing the game that I was not in full control of my senses.

PSP fans looking to jump onto a hot new franchise would be well-advised to skip this train and go somewhere else. I admit that the character looks cool and it has a great premise, but there's no gameplay here worth spending money on.

Action gamers will be highly disappointed. More a shooter than a platformer, the action is repetitions and boring, and the camera is absolutely atrocious. A second analog nub might have helped things, but the game has a lot of other problems too. Stay away.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers get text during short dialog sequences, but there are no subtitles during CG cutscenes. Once again, the old half-and-half. There are no significant auditory cues during gameplay, but I suppose you have to have good gameplay before you can even think about significant auditory cues.

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