According to the ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

Parents don't really have much to worry about. There isn't any blood or gore to be seen anywhere in Another Age. All of the violence is comprised of exploding missiles and smoke rising from overheated Cores. It's about as tame as violence comes these days, so if your child is old enough to master the control scheme, chances are that he or she has already seen much, much worse than anything Another Age will expose them to. Buy it with confidence.

Gamers in general might want to stay away from Another Age unless they already have some experience with the Armored Core series. The offerings here are aimed more at the seasoned Raven, and I would suggest Armored Core 2 as a better place for a newcomer to jump in and get the hang of things.

Armored Core fans will get a wealth of missions here, and that's really about it. The rest of the game didn't get much attention, but if you're craving more action and can't get enough of making your own mech, then you've probably already purchased the game.

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