According to the ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

Parents should be okay with the title as long as they realize that the subject matter is all about mercenary combat. Some missions obviously deal with eliminating one person or the other, and big guns and weaponry are the order of the day. It never walks on the graphic side, however. You'll see some big explosions and nice visual effects, but it's all metallic explosions with no blood. There were one or two lines of dialogue in the game that some parents might find questionable, but I doubt there's a teen in America that would have trouble with it. The disc is generally as safe as a three-story robot with a loaded rail gun can be. Er … safer than that, actually.

Gamers in general might be put off by the game's high learning curve and stiff controls. It does have a large amount of striking graphics and explosions which tend to keep things exciting, however. Games with big bangs are usually pretty fun for most, and honestly there isn't a whole heck of a lot to choose from on the PlayStation 2 right now.

Mecha fans or fans of customization games will already own this title, but for those who don't yet, it does not come any better than this. It's the Gran Turismo of mechanized destruction.

Armored Core fans are in for the same addicting formula that has made the series so successful, yet it brings along with it all of the old baggage the newer system could have left behind. A huge step up graphically, but otherwise basically identical to the PlayStation versions.

Fans of versus play will want to sit up and take notice at the once-in-a-blue-moon iLink feature which connects two PlayStation 2s. It's difficult and cumbersome to assemble the necessary components, (two PlayStation 2s, an iLink cable, two TVs, two copies of the game), FbSkip but for those who are serious about putting the smack down, this is the sweetest two-player battle you'll ever take part in.

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