Parents can rest easy making a purchase like Cookie & Cream for their kids. It's cute, it's safe, and it puts a huge emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. What more could you want? The only thing to be aware of is that good hand-eye coordination is a must, so younger gamers who haven't quite got their skills polished up may have a bit of trouble. Any children under seven might want to go for something that requires less dexterity.

Gamers in general are recommended to play Cookie & Cream only if they have a friend or partner along to play with. The game is staggeringly hard and nigh-impossible to finish by yourself, and youll just end up wasting your money. If you do have a friend, then its a great deal of fun while encouraging teamwork and cooperation on every level. The game is a short five hours long, so it's an ideal rental for gamers on a budget.

Fans of cutesy Japanese character design should definitely check out Cookie & Cream. Not only does it have the most saccharine title I've seen on American shelves in quite some time, the stylized bunnies are extremely appealing and irresistible. FYI, the Agetec site has some pretty good wallpaper to download if you can't get enough of these characters. (Like me!)

Action/Platform fans should definitely check out Cookie & Cream. It's fast-paced and has a lot of very inventive and clever level design. The time element ensures that there isn't any time for yawns during play, and the emphasis on helping each other out is something that has been sorely missed.

Hearing Impaired Gamers beware: while most of Cookie & Cream is completely accessible, there is one puzzle in the "Music Land" level which requires the use of auditory cues to advance. There are no visual cues whatsoever, and the puzzle is completely random, meaning that looking at an FAQ is worthless. Any gamer who isn't able to hear the tones of music will NOT be able to advance, so be aware of this and plan accordingly.

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