According to ESRB, this game contains: No content descriptors.

Parents don't have anything to be concerned about. The game stars a blob of liquid metal in the garishly colored levels, so there is no content that could be offensive to anyone. With absolutely no violence, questionable language, sexual content, or even any humanoid figures, this is a totally safe play experience for anyone.

Fans of the first Archer MacLean's Mercury will find the same basic game, but corrupted with a style and sensibility that does not seem to be a good match with the subject material. Too complicated and gimmicky for its own good, I would recommend this only if you were absolutely in love with the first game. Anything less, and you're better off spending your time elsewhere.

PSP Puzzle fans might want to check into the game because there really aren't that many options, but my feeling is that your money would be better spent with the original game or one of the other offerings currently available. This game is more likely to frustrate than captivate, in my opinion.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will have no problems. There is no spoken dialogue, and all information (such as the tutorial) is presented through visual text. It might not be the greatest puzzle game, but at least there are no communication barriers.

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