According to the ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Violence

Parents should steer clear of The Thing. There's no sex, but it contains plenty of blood, gunplay and creepy monsters in addition to some instances of hard language. Definitely not a family-friendly title, although it shouldn't come as a surprise considering the source material.

Action Gamers will find a pretty good title, although one that is not particularly outstanding in any one respect. The ammo is in short supply, using teammates is a gimmick and its very similar to a lot of other games out there. You could do worse, but you're probably better off waiting for something else to come down the pike.

Fans of the Film will be in for a treat. There are a ton of bits taken directly from the movie and integrated (some more successfully than others) into the game. Its extremely faithful in most respects, and its rare that a licensed game will respect the original material this much.

Hearing Impaired Gamers get the shaft once again. There is a lot of dialogue and audio information that is completely inaccessible due to a lack of text options. Stay away.

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