Strap in because Brad and Corey are here to discuss FOURTEEN games this week. Brad celebrated his self-proclaimed Burn the Backlog Day and reports back on the winners and losers while Corey brings a measly two games to the table. They also discuss Corey housing a semi-homeless friend, accessibility in games, Cirque du Soleil, Corey’s pretend feuds with local photographers and more.

Unknown Fate: 02:55
Burn the Backlog Preface: 22:21
Outcast – Second Contact: 25:25
Vesta: 27:51
Anamorphine: 29:39
Future Unfolding: 31:40
Thumper: 33:00
Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs: 34:50
Sky Force Reloaded: 36:47
The Invisible Hours: 39:04
Shio: 43:15
The Way: 44:35
Twin Robots: 46:32
The Messenger: 47:08
Spider-Man: 51:57
Closing: 01:04:33
Banter: 01:08:00

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