According to the ESRB, this game contains: Animated Violence

Parents should be aware that Shadow Of Destiny features frank (though not graphic) depictions of death at the beginning of every chapter in the game, as well as when the player makes a mistake with some of the puzzles. Its never bloody or extreme in the least, though its VERY obvious that someone is losing their life in a more serious and close-up manner than games tend to show. Most teens should have no problems with it whatsoever. Besides the death aspect, theres really nothing here to be concerned about although you might have to sit down with younger gamers at the end to discuss the story and talk over a few of the events—a persons brain can really start spinning with all the twists and turns, and it might even lead to having a good conversation with your child.

Gamers in general will find a solid adventure game featuring the little-used theme of time travel. The characters and voices are generally good, and the plot will have most people engrossed until the end. It features no combat at all—the game revolves around figuring out puzzles—but its still going to be a fun ride for people who arent looking for adrenaline or fast action.

Gamers on a budget may want to make Shadow Of Destiny a rental since it can be completed in under five hours, though with the games multiple endings a case could be made for purchase depending on the gamer.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers are granted full access to the game, since there are accompanying subtitles for every dialogue scene.

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Brad Gallaway

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