According to the ESRB, this game contains: Comic Mischief, Mild Language

Parents dont have anything to worry about besides exposing their unwitting children to the inane and witless caricature of an announcer. There are no sexual situations or nudity of any kind, there are no language concerns if you dont mind listening to faux-southern bits of "wisdom." Theres also no violence at all outside of a car rolling over after missing a jump or getting hit by a giant snowball. Safe, fun stuff.

Gamers in general are treated to a solid racing effort with enough gimmicks, bells and whistles to appeal to a broad range of people looking for a speed fix. The graphics convey a very effective sense of speed, and are also bright and pleasing to the eye. Rumble Racing makes a great rental, but it wouldnt be the type of purchase youd really regret, either.

Gran Turismo or racing sim fans are advised to stay away since Rumble Racing is strictly arcade thrills. Its fun if you are the type of player who doesnt require a high level of realism when being behind the virtual wheel because the game doesnt aim to be more than an adrenaline rush on a disc. This is definitely not a bad thing, just be aware of the nature of the game.

Arcade racer fans or fans of the "Rush" series should definitely check out Rumble Racing. Its the same type of thrills that youre looking for when you want to appease the reckless speed freak in you. There are ramps, shortcuts and power-ups so this is the essence of arcade racing on the PlayStation 2. Theres room for improvement, but whats here is very respectable.

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