According to the ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

should be aware that military combat is the main theme of the game, and while the text and plot will either sail over younger gamers heads or just bore them so much theyll skip right through it, the game's graphics and depictions of violence may cause some concern. While the robot-to-robot warfare isnt anything especially graphic besides the excellent flame and explosion effects, its a very common sight to see a sniper shoot an enemy soldier in the head, or see bodies tossed through the air from cannon impacts. There are innumerable gushes of blood, and its very clear that people are dying, so if you are a parent who doesnt want their child exposed to such things, pass on Ring Of Red.

Gamers in general will find a visually spectacular strategy title that has a very solid base of tactics-oriented gameplay. Its a long game, easily worth a purchase if youre prepared to devote some serious time to it, but it also looks sharp enough that friends will come over and be impressed. However, be warned that the pace of the game is very slow and definitely not for the casual gamer, or anyone looking for a quick thrill. Also, there are no multiplayer modes so dont buy this if its party night and you need to bring the videogames.

Console strategy fans will find a solid addition to the genre, which actually uses the improved graphics to noticeably change the feel of the gameplay rather than just upping the eye candy quotient. Its not the deepest or most comprehensive example of strategy games out there, but its a good one that will hook most with the unique flavor and perspectives the game brings.

WWII buffs or fans of alternate history may want to check it out just for the setting and visuals—its not often that fantasy gets mixed in with WWII on a console, so its worth taking a look at from that stance. Also, the heavy emphasis on the political nature of the war may draw the interest of buffs who follow such things.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers have no problems here since the games information is all text with no voices or important audio cues whatsoever.

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