Parents should resist picking up Power Shovel. While it appears from the cover to be a game that most young fans of construction equipment would want to check out, mastering the controls is going to be astronomically far above the heads of most children. Unless youre shopping for an older child with a high tolerance for frustration, steer clear. With that caution already said, there are no situations of violence, sexual situations, or questionable language.

Gamers in general will probably want to stay far away from Power Shovel. Its quirky, odd and very specific in its appeal. The control scheme is very complex, the difficulty is through the roof, and the entire game is based on mastering the use of backhoes. If this sounds like your cup of tea, go for it. Otherwise, save your money and go for something a little more standard.

Fans of weird games and Japanese niche titles need to run out right now and score a copy of Power Shovel. They simply dont come any stranger than this and its a miracle that it got released. Between Power Shovel and Incredible Crisis, this has been a great year for unique releases. The low shelf price of $20 makes the purchase very easy on the wallet, as well.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers will miss out on some incredibly hilarious Japanese voiceovers, but besides the auditory aesthetics, the game is fully accessible.

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