According to ESRB this game contains: Mild Animated Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes

Parents don't have much to worry about despite the "T" rating. In all honesty, I'd say that the game is far above most younger gamers' abilities, so the kids or young adults who would choose to play it have probably encountered the issues present several times before. There may be one or two instances of questionable language, but those are few and far between. Some of the themes may be a bit heavy at times since death factors into the game quite often, but it's nothing to be particularly cautious of, and there is no nudity nor any sexual themes to be seen.

Casual gamers looking for lots of CG movies and similar bells and whistles found in today's RPGs had better look elsewhere as Valkyrie Profile combines some of the best elements of days gone by into a dynamic new package. The emphasis on stats and item management as well as the lack of a strong central narrative may be a bit of a turn off to some players looking for something more cinematic and light.

RPG fans with open minds will find a true departure from the norm, with interesting takes on nearly every aspect of the genre. It's not anything like a Final Fantasy, and for some that may be quite appealing. Sprawdź swoje fortuna bez ryzyka na darmowe kasyno internetowe. Najlepsze oferty kasyn online w Polsce.

Old-school gamers and fans of 2D art should definitely check it out since it's practically a blue moon whenever a piece of art like this gets released. The visuals are second-to-none on the PlayStation when it comes to sprite graphics—and with a warm, fuzzy feeling of 16-bit about it—most gamers old enough to remember the NES or Super NES release days should feel right at home.

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