According to the ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Intense Violence

Parents will want to steer their children clear of this game. Infected is wall-to wall violence featuring big guns and exploding zombies. In addition to the fairly graphic presentation, there are a number of instances of explicit language and some of the humor is not quite politically correct. There is no sexual content, but the rest of what's here completely qualifies it as suitable for older gamers only.

Action gamers should probably check this out. It's pretty simple, but it's extremely fast and can be very challenging on the higher difficulty levels. It's also one of the only games on PSP that doesn't have any issues with camera control. If a player is looking for something to keep his thumb busy, this is a good choice.

Online players should be aware that Infected offers both local and Internet multiplayer. It takes a while to locate another player, but once connected the action is lag-free and smooth. The only mode available is one-on-one death match which was a little disappointing, but the winner's avatar "infects" the loser's game and the results can be tracked online. A little too limited, but interesting.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers should be aware that with the game's dynamic weapon upgrade system, I found that when I needed to change tactics in the middle of battle, it was much easier to listen for the sound of my weapon firing (to tell which one I had) than it was to watch the icons on screen. It can be compensated for since the information is represented visually, but it's just something to note. Otherwise, all dialogue is accompanied by text and the game is fully accessible without sound.

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