AJ’s Top Ten of 2020

This is my fourth year of doing a Top Ten list for Gamecritics. If you are interested in my recommends from previous years, then please go check out 2017, 2018, and 2019. Honestly, my opening piece from each of these entries is feeling more and more like a prophecy of doom, with 2020 actually beating 2019 for terribleness. Well done.

The Concessions Of Aging

Next February, I’ll be turning 45.I started young – my first gaming memories are of begging my parents for quarters and pumping them all into Missile Command, Centipede and Pac-Man.Games have been an ever-present part of my life since then, and I feel fortunate to have been able to watch the medium grow up along with me.

Enlisted Preview

Enlisted is a bold attempt at tackling a bloated genre. The World War II shooter has more entries than I can count, but even bolder than trying to crack this style is that it’s also entering the similarly-crowded online-only field.

The Game Awards: 2020 Announcements & Reveals

The Game Awards of 2020 were a totally different ceremony — the cautionary measures undertaken due to COVID-19 and high-profile guests such as Christopher Nolan and Gal Gadot brought a different vibe to the proceedings. However, for many the greatest attractions were still the announcements and reveals. If you missed the show or just want a condensed cheat sheet with all the new titles coming our way soon, you’ve come to the right place!

Shaking Up Souls: The Divergence Of Sekiro

If you’ve experienced FromSoft’s blood-boiling, hardcore RPGs, you’ll know that the company managed to establish a sub-genre focused on experiencing defeat over and over again to achieve victory in the end. Reception is generally split – players either love its delicate design or hate the unforgiving nature of its world and combat.