According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence

Despite the green blood, parents will find that the game earns its Mature rating. The violence is graphic and red blood can be accessed after finishing the game. There is also some adult language and overt sexuality. Zombie Revenge is a loud, action-filled, arcade gore-fest thats suprisingly shallow in its design and gameplay. Its essentially "Resident Evil Arcade," and on that level, it almost works.

It might be worth a rent for those casual gamers wanting that chance to impale a zombie on a giant hand-held drill, but polluting your Dreamcast with this game for too long would be a crime.

Horror fans can wait for Resident Evil: Code Veronica, or just stick with the current crop of Resident Evil games of PlayStation and Nintendo 64, because theres nothing surprising or scary in Zombie Revenge.

Seasoned action fans can find bigger and better arcade action on lesser platforms. Die Hard Arcade for Sega Saturn, Final Fight CD for Sega CD and Streets Of Rage 2 for Sega Genesis might be difficult to find nowadays, but they represent the best this genre has to offer.

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