According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

Parents will want to take note of much shooting and the resulting flying alien chunks, but the violence is treated comicly and isn't overly graphic when compared to some games. There are also quite a few curious instances in which characters rip farts, though that's not likely to have a lasting effect on your kids (a quick laugh maybe). MDK2 is a visually stunning, solid 3-D action game for Dreamcast.

Fans of the original PlayStation and PC game will appreciate how it keeps the same tone and sensibility, though the sequel isn't all action like the first game.

However, this game is seriously challenging throughout its 10 levels, so there's plenty for the so-called hardcore crowd to chew on.

Action game fans will enjoy blowing chubby aliens to bits with the nice selection of firepower, but the platform jumping and item collecting might turn them off.

Dreamcast owners have another solid PC port available to them, but the control adaptation from mouse and keyboard to Dreamcast controller doesn't work great all of the time (it does a pretty good job though).

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