According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood, Animated Violence

As far as younger gamers are concerned, Gekido: Urban Fighters is violent and features some blood, but perhaps the most dangerous bit of content in Gekido is the pair of breasts on the Michelle character. A good look at them in the game's opening movie reveals that they drawf even the mighty Lara Croft's—wow! Gekido can currently be found at bargain bins in stores all over the country. There's a reason for this—the game sucks.

Unless you absolutely must own every side-scrolling fighting game in existence, Gekido is not worth the discounted price. If you would like to play the best games of this kind, check out Streets Of Rage 2—which can be found on the new Sega Smash Pak collection for Dreamcast—or, if you can find it, the excellent Guardian Heroes for Sega Saturn.

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