According to ESRB, this game contains: Mild Animated Violence, Use of Tobacco & Alcohol

As far as parents are concerned, Evolution 2 doesn't really deserve its "Teen" rating. Aside from the occasional cute animal dropping dead to the ground during a battle, this is a game that younger gamers will probably enjoy. Evolution 2 is even a good introduction into the world of RPGs for the kids who haven't experienced it.

RPG fans will probably want a bit more to chew on than what Evolution 2 offers, but if they look hard, they might find enough there to stay busy and entertained.

Dreamcast owners would be wise to give this game a chance. It's fun in its approach and contains a surprisingly deep battle system that underlies the game's child-like atmosphere. And don't forget that this game is now pretty cheap, so even if you don't like it much you won't be out much more than $15.

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