Author: Tera Kirk

The Little Acre Review

Take Your Daughter to an Alternate Dimension Day

HIGH The gorgeous art and lovable characters.

LOW I wish it were longer.

WTF Don’t throw the cat out the window, dude!

Disgaea PC Review

You Can’t Quite Go Home Again, Dood

Disgaea PC Review Screenshot

HIGH The humor and likable characters

LOW I miss the sequels’ enhancements that make grinding easier

WTF I miss the sequels’ enhancements that make it easier

Assault Android Cactus Review

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Assault Android Cactus Review Screenshot

HIGH The cute androids. The catchy music. The frenzied, strategic battles.

LOW Wow, this game got harder since the preview version.

WTF No, really—why is it so difficult?

Evoland 2 Review

Like a (Video Game) Virgin

Evoland 2 Review Screenshot

HIGH Experiencing video game history for the first time. Again.

LOW …including the stuff I've always hated.

WTF Why aren't I out of this cave yet?