Author: Nick Kummert

Dead Cells Preview

Stop me if you’ve heard this before — a 2D platformer borrowing from Metroid and Castlevania which also has roguelike elements just hit Steam Early Access. This time, though, the game already feels finished, and has been nearly impossible to put down for the past week. Dead Cells manages to go beyond genre pastiche and freshens up one of the most crowded spaces in gaming. It’s well worth checking out even in its “unfinished” state.

Event[0] Review

I’m afraid I can’t do that, Nick.


HIGH The most rewarding, believable interactions with a digital character to date.

LOW Finishing the game and realizing I’d played it “wrong”.

WTF Horrendous starting loadtimes and repeated crashes to desktop.

RimWorld Preview


Thanks to RimWorld, I will never look at squirrels in the same way again.

Six hours into my most well-developed colony, a wave of a few dozen man-eating squirrels took to my camp and slaughtered every inhabitant. With no turrets or defenses beyond a few semi-automatic weapons, my poor colonists never had a chance.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Now with more pixels in each aggressively-pointed finger

Phoenix Wright

HIGH One of the best trilogies in handheld history preserved in a new, definitive edition

LOW Old translation errors and typos persist through two remasters

WTF Seriously, we haven't spellchecked the script through two remasters?